Sprint Tour Section One

1. Management Reporting

Sprint contains a number of standard management reports for clients and agencies. These include a full timesheet analysis report, available as a spreadsheet for download; an on-going assignments report; and temporaries equal opportunities reports.

Screenshot No.1 - Timesheet Analysis Report

order Form Screenshot

The timesheet analysis report returns a list of approved timesheets for the parameters you have chosen. You can view the full order and timesheet details for each approved timesheet, including the full audit trail.

The data contained in the report can be downloaded as a multi worksheet spreadsheet, providing a full breakdown of total costs, hours and rates.

The number of standard reports will continue to grow and Sprint can also provide specialised reports at the client or agency's request.

2. Audit Trails

Sprint captures a full audit trial for Orders and Timesheets. This information can be easily searched with the results displayed on screen. The audit search report provides links through to the full order and timesheet details.

Screenshot No.2 - Audit Trail Search Report

Order Search

3. Agency and Client Administration

Sprint allows clients and consultants to add, edit and delete their own user details. Consultants can easily add new clients and run a number of batch processes, such as flagging timesheets as downloaded for payroll and flagging orders as finished (so they no longer appear in menu listings).

Screenshot No.3 - Administation Options

Assigning Temps

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A fully functional on-line demonstration version of Sprint is available. The on-line demo will enable you to create orders, assign temporary staff, create, complete and approve timesheets. You can also find examples of the basic search functions and reporting facilities.

To register for the on-line demo, please call 0207 377 0751 or email [email protected]