Sprint Tour Section One

1. Creating a Timesheet

When temporaries are assigned to a job, they will receive a notification email informing them they will have timesheets to complete.

Timesheets can only be created for the current and previous week ending date and only for week endings within the start and finish date of the order.

Timesheets can be completed on a daily basis and saved for later, or completed in one session.

There are various ways of dealing with overtime, from fully automated processes through to overtime being allocated by the temporary's line manager.

Screenshot No.1 - Creating and completing a timesheet

order Form Screenshot

The temporaries menu provides quick access to new and current timesheets.

When entering times the daily and total hours are calculated automatically and minimum break times can be set if required. The Temporary cannot enter hours for days that are in the future.

Timesheets can be either hourly or daily rated.

Screenshot No.2 - Entering Hours onto a Timesheet

Order Search

Once the temporary completes his or her timesheet, a notification email is sent to the line manager and recruitment consultant. The line manager will now be able to approve the timesheet

2. Approving a Timesheet

Line managers, if required, can approve timesheets for colleagues who may be out of the office. Likewise, a HR function can be created that has access to all timesheets awaiting approval.

The client menu provides quick access to timesheets awaiting approval.

Screenshot No.3 - Accessing Timesheets Awaiting Approval

Assigning Temps

The line manager can see all the information required to approve the timesheet. If the details are correct, the timesheet is approved and its details can be downloaded by the agency for payroll processing.

Screenshot No.4 - Timesheet Approval Screen

Timesheet Approval

if the timesheet details are incorrect, the line manager can return the timesheet to the temporary worker for correction.

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A fully functional on-line demonstration version of Sprint is available. The on-line demo will enable you to create orders, assign temporary staff, create, complete and approve timesheets. You can also find examples of the basic search functions and reporting facilities.

To register for the on-line demo, please call 0207 377 0751 or email [email protected]