Sprint Tour Section One

1. Introduction

Sprint is an extremely simple, yet powerful tool that makes the purchasing and management of temporary staff quicker and easier for both client line managers and agency recruitment consultants.

There is a straightforward workflow - An order is placed for temporary staff, with an approval process if required. Temporaries are assigned to approved orders. The temporaries now complete their weekly timesheets and submit them for approval to their line managers. The timesheets are approved or returned for correction and the timesheet details are downloaded, ready for your payroll process.

Sprint can be integrated into an agency's front and back office systems, so that at each stage of the workflow - Order creation and approval > Temporary Staff assignment > Timesheet completion and approval - the relevant information can be easily transferred, ensuring accuracy and removing the need for any double keying of data.

Sprint makes all the order, assignment and timesheet data easily available on-line and has a wide range of management reports to help clients and consultants manage their day-to-day business.

2. Creating an Order

Orders for temporary staff can be added directly onto Sprint by the client contacts or by the agency consultants.

Orders can have multiple levels of approval and provide both the client and the consultant with an estimated spend value.

There is a straight forward order form that captures the essential information required to supply the right staff. The form can be completed in one go, or part completed and saved for later.

Screenshot No.1 - Example Order Form

order Form Screenshot

To ensure accuracy and speed up the process, the order form can include -

Mandatory fields that require completion
Pre set Line Manager lists
Pre set Job Category lists
Pre set Pay and Charge Rates
Pre set Essential and Desirable skills

3. Order Searching and Assigning

Once an order has been completed on Sprint, it is easily retrievable from the main menu. The full order information is available to both the client contacts and the consultants.

Screenshot No.2 - Order Search

Order Search

The full order details can be downloaded from Sprint directly into an agency's front-office application. The consultant can now either assign temporary staff using his or her front-office application and upload the assignment information to Sprint, or assign the temporary staff using Sprint itself.

Screenshot No.3 - Assigning Temporary Staff

Assigning Temps

Temporary Staff who are assigned to an Order can now create and complete weekly timesheets.

This is the end of the first section of the tour, so you can now either close the browser window to return to the Sprint Web Solution's web site or proceed to the next section, where we show how timesheets are created and approved.

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A fully functional on-line demonstration version of Sprint is available. The on-line demo will enable you to create orders, assign temporary staff, create, complete and approve timesheets. You can also find examples of the basic search functions and reporting facilities.

To register for the on-line demo, please call 0207 377 0751 or email [email protected]