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Sprint launches SprintWeb, its integrated recruitment web site manager

21st September, 2008

Sprint Web Solutions is proud to announce the launch of SprintWeb, its integrated recruitment web site manager.

Using SprintWeb, an agency web team will have full control over the content of their corporate web site and by using additional modules, such as the Job Short-list, the functionality of the corporate web site can be quickly and easily expanded to meet the ever growing expectations of today's web users.

SprintWeb contains the following functional modules, all available from the standard consultant menu:

Content Manager

Enables logged in users to browse the corporate web site and update sections of content that have been flagged as editable.

Existing corporate styles are built into the web content editor, ensuring content changes adhere to the design rules of the site.

Job Vacancy Lists

Create, edit and publish job vacancies to a dedicated job vacancy listing on your corporate site.

Vacancy listings can be configured in various ways with different levels and complexity of searching. All listings are configured to match the design style of the main site.

Job Shortlists

Enables registered candidates to build a shortlist of vacancies they are interested in as they search your vacancy listing.

Candidates can also access a full history of their job applications.

Job Application Manager

A reporting area within Sprint, the application manager presents clear and concise information about the applications received for each vacancy in your vacancy listing.

Application details include a summary of the candidate profile and a link to their attached CV.

Job Bulletin Manager

Consultants can create a schedule for publication an HTML email of all current vacancies. The Bulletin Manager builds a growing lists of recipients as your site gains new candidate registrations and provides the option of adding email lists gathered from other sources.

Candidate Registration Manager

Provides candidates with a simple process for registering with your agency. Candidates are asked to fill in a standard registration form, including recent employment history and Equal Opportunities information. Candidates can upload their CV and keep their profile up-to-date as their situation changes.

Consultants can choose to recieve email alerts as new registrations are recieved by the web site.

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