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SPRINT prepares for major new release.

21st February, 2009

It has been just over 18months since the launch of SPRINT version 1.104, a period that has seen our user base expand rapidly.

In order to continue to meet our client's requirements and to offer one of the most comprehensive collections of functionality and services currently available, we are beginning the development of Sprint v2.0.

Sprint v2.0 will see a major expansion of the permanent recruitment tools and the launch of a new Managed Vendor operating model that will compliment our existing Single Agency and Vendor Neutral models.

The Managed Vendor model will enable an agency to act as an outsourced HR recruitment function, managing all permanent, contract and temporary recruitment needs on behalf of their client.

The permanent recruitment tools will include a route to market management process and our innovative new Talent Bank - providing the end client with an on-going resource of valuable staffing potential.

Click here >> for a quick overview of the new permanent recruitment processes within Sprintv2.0.

A central part of the Managed Vendor model will be SprintWeb, used to deliver and manage a dedicated client branded recruitment micro-site.

For our existing clients and agencies who use temporary staff, Sprintv2.0 will introduce a new candidate proposal module, enabling consultants and line-managers to work together online to shortlist and hire prospective temporary workers.

Sprint v2.0 is expected to launch in April 2009.

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