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SPRINT v2 celebrates its first anniversary.

19th April, 2010

Sprint v2 has now been commercially operational for a year.

The system has already been chosen by a major UK charity as the technology platform  used to manage their whole on-line recruitment activity.

During its first year, SPRINT v2 has:

  • Signed up over 40 agency clients
  • Gained over 10,000 candidate registrations
  • Processed over 8000 job applications

The launch of version 2.0 saw a major expansion of the permanent recruitment tools offered by the SPRINT product line and the launch of a new Managed Vendor operating model to compliment the existing Single Agency and Vendor Neutral models.

The next major development planned for SPRINT v2 is a simplified job order and timesheet management process for agency clients. Owen Bennett, the SPRINT product director explains: "the new functionality is aimed at SPRINT v2 supplier agencies. We hope to enable them to provide the benefits of the SPRINT system to their whole customer bases, without the need to sign up to a complicated contract. The idea, as ever, is to make SPRINT as easy to use and as beneficial as possible."

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