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Sprint enables Agency to be selected as Finalist for Recruitment Award

04th October, 2007

The long time Sprint customer Step Ahead has been nominated as finalist in the London & South East Recruitment Awards, sponsored by the REC, for Innovative Use of Technology.

SPRINT provides Step Ahead's clients with an easy to use interface to perform a multitude of tasks, from ordering temps, through to accessing comprehensive management information. SPRINT allows for different methods of ordering temps as well as flexible invoicing structures and purchase order numbers; it can be tailored to the clients' exact specification. This online service succeeds at providing a direct link between the client and information and helps to protect the environment by removing the need for printing. The system is DTI compliant, linking directly into Step Ahead's payroll infrastructure providing a seamless information stream right from ordering a temporary through to invoicing.

Sprint was initially implemented for one particular client. Following the successful introduction, the system has been rolled out across Step Ahead's entire client base enabling Step Ahead to introduced a fully electronic payroll and invoicing system.  This means that temps now receive electronic payslips and clients electronic invoices.

"The impact at Step Ahead has been huge", says Director of Operations, Jackie Bedford. "Staff seized the SPRINT initiative as they could instantly see the benefits that the new online temp management facility would bring. Consultants have more time to find candidates work. Clients have instant online access to a wealth of information about the temps engaged, dates, spend and Equal Opportunities reports. Our payroll has been reduced from two staff to one who can now run the payroll in a single day because there is no longer any data entry; as a result our deadline for temp timesheets has been extended by two days. Invoices are always 100% accurate, meaning that they are paid on time thus improving our cash-flow. One simple button click ensures that timesheets are automatically downloaded into our temp management system ready for payment and invoicing".

Step Ahead clients and temps are big fans of the SPRINT system too. "The SPRINT system is excellent and very efficient, it's also very good because it is environmentally friendly" says a long-standing client Line Manager.  "SPRINT is incredibly easy to use.  It cuts out all the faffing about with pieces of paper and tracking down line managers for signatures at the end of the week.  It’s easy to access & update so you know where you’re at each day of the week, and it’s great that you don’t have to be in the office to sort out your timesheet – you can do it on the Internet at home." says a Step Ahead Temporary.

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