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New version of Sprint launched

04th August, 2007

SPRINT version 1.104 was launched officially on 30th July, 2007. This is the first version to be built using the Microsoft.Net 2.0 platform. The adoption of .Net has helped Sprint Web Solutions to significantly improve the user interfaces of the system whilst enabling us to speed up new development work and to benefit from the ever improving technology available on this new platform.

The most notable change for this new version is a cleaner, more intuitive look and feel. The new design reflects the evolving branding of the SPRINT service whilst delivering significant user benefits.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to smarten up some key aspects of the system. The latest version has:

• improved and extended management reporting

• improved user menus

• improved order and timesheet searching

• more flexible and powerful user management controls

• increased levels of client configuration options

• a new pre-order Tendering process

As always, the SPRINT service continues to be improved as a result of the feedback from its rapidly growing user base. In fact, we already have a development plan for the next two quarters, so we’ll soon be able to announce the addition of new functionality very soon!

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