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SPRINT is for Recruitment Agencies…

SPRINT is not a replacement to recruitment agencies’ front-office software; it is an add-on that will revolutionise your recruitment business.  Perhaps best of all, SPRINT can be interfaced with most agency front office systems meaning that job orders are transferred directly from the client into your internal database. 

Imagine never again having problems with incorrect pay and charge rates; never again having to deal with the repercussions of incorrect invoices due to data entry errors.  With SPRINT, temp payroll and invoicing becomes so fast and simple that our current agency clients have been able to reduce their payroll department to just one person!  With SPRINT you can offer the added benefit to your clients and temps that timesheets need to be authorised just minutes before the payroll is run.

SPRINT is for Client Temp Users in the Private, Public and Not-for-Profit Sectors…

SPRINT gives you complete control over your online staff procurement.  With SPRINT you can control every penny you spend on recruitment before you spend it.  It is the only product on the market capable of enabling you to manage the supply of permanent and temporary staff from multiple agencies via the same system. 

Imagine being able to access management information about your total temp usage, broken down by agency, cost code and department at any time, covering any period, at the press of a button.  Perhaps best of all, SPRINT need not cost you a penny.  Our recruitment agency clients have been delighted to pay for the considerable benefits they obtain from using SPRINT – meaning that all this cost you nothing.  We even have client users that have made SPRINT a condition of their recruitment agency contracts!

The benefits of SPRINT are unique

These are some of the SPRINT benefits that no other product can match:

  • Fast and efficient on-line ordering and authorisation process
  • Tiered authorisations based on level of proposed expenditure
  • Predicted expenditure per assignment giving you control over your budgets
  • The facility to use the system for multiple agencies:  each agency can only access data which is relevant to them
  • A comprehensive range of management reports at the click of a button including, for example, total expenditure broken down by department, line manager, cost code etc
  • Reports on equal opportunities data
  • The facility to collate and monitor the reasons for temp bookings enabling the control and reduction of expenditure
  • The facility to avoid expensive and damaging tribunal claims by monitoring temp length of service
  • Management reports can be amalgamated to provide information across all agencies used in one simple format
  • On-line timesheets enabling temps to input hours worked as they go along
  • Secure on-line timesheet authorisations meaning that fraudulent claims for hours worked becomes a thing of the past
  • Line managers can quickly and efficiently authorise timesheets on-line from anywhere with internet access to ensure that temps are paid on time
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