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The Sprint products are widely used by recruitment agencies and their clients in the Private, Public and Not For Profit sectors.

We work very hard to ensure we provide a high quality service and therefore take great pride in the positive feedback we receive. Below is a selection of the positive comments we have received from various users of the Sprint products....

As our users are happy to confirm, Sprint is extremely effective, highly efficient and very environmentally friendly. No wonder people are singing its praises!

"As a technophobe myself I was delighted at how easy it is to use and have had really positive feed back from my clients not only due to it’s ease of use, but also the fact they can access it even when they are off site to ensure their temps are paid on time."
Senior Recruitment Consultant.

"Its order status feature and search facility are highly useful as they allow me to manage my desk more effectively and chase up timesheets and order authorisations effectively."
Recruitment Consultant.

"Sprint is an invaluable tool for consultants, clients and candidates alike. It allows my clients to transfer jobs straight to me with the correct rates, line managers and authorising managers already in place, eliminating the risk of error."
Recruitment Consultant.

"Sprint has made life as a Recruitment Consultant so much easier; all time sheets are now on line (so no more time sheets are being eaten up in the fax system!) and can be accessed at the click of a button."
Recruitment Consultant.

"I find that sprint is a much quicker and more effective way of processing payroll while also being environmentally friendly cutting out the need for paper timesheets."
Recruitment Consultant

"Sprint has revolutionised the way we run payroll. It has taken a multi-day task and reduced it to a few hours! Superb!!"
Agency Manager.

“Very easy to use. It speeds up the process and there is so much less paperwork”
Client Line Manager, Not for Profit Sector.

“ The SPRINT system is excellent and very efficient, its also very good because it is environmentally friendly”
Client Line Manager, Charity Sector.

“so much easier, if I’m not around the guys know I can still access their time sheet, I can authorise it any part of the day. It’s a positive step.”
Client Line Manager, Public Sector.

“SPRINT is incredibly easy to use.  It cuts out all the faffing about with pieces of paper and tracking down line managers for signatures at the end of the week.  It’s easy to access & update so you know where you’re at each day of the week, and it’s great that you don’t have to be in the office to sort out your timesheet – you can do it on the Internet at home."
Temporary Worker.

"I think it’s really important to have embarked on a system that cuts down the amount of waste paper - about 5 or 6 sheets per timesheet under the old system - so to eliminate all of that is a really positive step.”
Temporary Worker.

"I'm happy to say that the new SPRINT system is a more efficient, not to mention environmentally sound, method of reporting timesheets back to the office."
Temporary Worker.


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